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ZiPhone 3.0 :

New Features:
- No more need of fix nvram!
- Solution for GREYED wifi!
- No need for YouTube Fixes!
- Embedded apps installer!
- Customized plugins !

Sunday, March 30, 2008

ZiPhone 3.0 Zorro is Back ! :)

Picture courtesy of IlariaLab

Hello there !
Here you have the latest ZiPhone version !
This version has many new features !
Don't forget to read the README.txt and the
As usual it is better to use ziphone on a
restored iPhone, but you can also just
run ziphone -j to add the plugin support.
Now it's up to you all and your fantasy!
Because the plugin system can just do
EVERYTHING you can imagine.
If you think your app or your system mod
should be used by everyone, contact me
and I could include it as a default
in the next release.
Namaste !
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