Tasks구글에서 제공하는 Todo 웹서비스 입니다. 아직은 정식 서비스가 아니라, Gmail의 셋팅에서 Lab메뉴 중에 있습니다. Tasks를 사용하기 위해서는 Lab에서 Tasks서비스를 Enable해주셔야 합니다.

Tasks는 Gmail상에서 작동합니다. 구글 캘린더에서 지원하지 않고 Gmail에서 지원하는 것을 보면, 구글은 Gmail을 아웃룩처럼 만들려는 계획인거 같습니다. Gmail상에서 구글캘린더, 연락처, Todo, Docs등등 각종 구글 웹서비스가 제공되고 있습니다.

아직은 Tasks가 실험실 단계라서 심플하고 기능이 별로 없습니다. 간단한 Todo를 찾으신다면 괜찮으실거 같습니다.

Tasks를 Enable해주면, Gmail상의 Contacts하단에 Tasks가 보이게 됩니다. 이것을 클릭해주면, 아래 모습처럼 Gmail 상에 대화창처럼 나타나게 됩니다. 대화창처럼 팝업창으로 빼낼 수도 있습니다.

구글 Tasks에서는 기본적인 Todo 리스트 기능, 마감일지정, 그밖에 Gmail상에 도착한 이메일을 Tasks와 연동하는 기능이 있습니다.

Indent 기능도 지원되어 Todo하단에 다른 SubTodo들을 등록해서 사용할 수 있습니다.
Indent 하는 방법은 간단히 Tab키만 눌러주시면 됩니다. 반대로 밖으로 뺄때는 Shift+TAB입니다.

리스트상에서 위 아래 이동은 별도의 키입력도 제공되지만, 마우스로 할일항목에서 좌측에 표시되는 이동탭을 잡고 위아래로 편리하게 이동할 수 있습니다.

이메일을 보다가 More Action > Add to Task로 이메일과 Todo를 연결해서 새로 생성할 수도 있습니다. 이렇게 생성된 Todo는 연관된 이메일로 언제든 이동할 수 있습니다.

리스트는 여러개를 만들어서 사용할 수도 있습니다. 우측하단의 리스트표시를 누르면 새로운 리스트를 만들거나 삭제, 이름변경등을 할 수 있습니다.

.GTD 적용.

리스트를 GTD 개념의 Contexts로 사용해보려고 했으나, 아직까지 구글 Tasks에서는 리스트간에 Todo항목을 이동할 수가 없었습니다. 두번째 문제는 리스트간의 이동이 가능해지더라도, 한눈에 전체 리스트의 할일 항목을 볼 수 있는 방법이 없다는 점입니다.

이때문에, 리스트를 활용하기 보다는 하나의 리스트에서 ToDo 메인 항목을 GTD의 Contexts처럼 설정해놓고, 새로운 할일이 생기면 일단 먼저 등록하고, 해당되는 Contexts로 이동해서 Tab키만 눌러주면 됩니다.

아이팟 터치와의 연계는 아직까지 지원되는 서비스나 어플이 전혀 없지만, Tasks가 보다 안정화되고 발전되간다면 아이팟터치와도 싱크할 수 있는 어플이 등장할 것으로 기대합니다.

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    Sen star right away call Li Lian Tian, Li Lian Tian's this time is also considering the business of this blue influence and jade heart, see an affair to so well solve, he also very comforts, after all in Li Lian Tian's heart, he is also in an interesting condition happy over the jade heart, that nature pretty much docile lovely of woman.However, he the most busy is a world company now of future, he originally had already intended as well this period sees that jade Ms. Xin, but because of time and the reason of the busyness, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/atlanta-falcons-tony-gonzalez-jersey-c-21_35.html Tony Gonzalez Falcons Jersey, he time and time again of postpone time under go, in fact he basically have no when, the his energy true all didn't reserve of threw in to go to in the future prospects of the world and the conflict of the cosmos situation.

    After the dialogue of the be over and the Sen star, what Li Lian Tian could not help wanted to think, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/minnesota-vikings-adrian-peterson-jersey-c-345_354.html Adrian Peterson Vikings Jersey, he feels he have a little compunction, after all that jade heart at the time of bearing infinite pain and sufferings, oneself but have no at most calamity of time go to she stretches out a hand, but this matter should be able to also comfort to Li Lian Tian, he really has already intended to start for jade heart doing what making great effort, what rectifying, that blue influence of mysterious, letting he early endless.

    He secretly tells himself/herself now, he decides tomorrow and then see that jade Ms. Xin, ignore again how busy, tomorrow want all draw out time see and prohibit have expose identity of see, probably as long as seeing, his heart would be pleasurable a lot of.He to own self-reproach, and the pressure of various in the mind will also good mollify for a while.

    "Tomorrow put for oneself."Li Lian Tian soliloquizes of way, at this time his be all full of in brain is that eastern Kui jade heart, and and she before together happy time, especially in the Mi way and point within school intravenous drop drop.

    "The jade heart is my fiancee & & " Li Lian Tian suddenly thoughted of that the leasing that said before smiled all of a sudden, his feeling that before he is really very lovely, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/new-england-patriots-tom-brady-jersey-c-375_377.html Patriots Tom Brady Jersey, don't seem to be now the whole personal good elephant is surrounded by the endless burden can not get away, he feels a kind of puzzling pressure.

    At Li Lian Tian start to raise at the time that legs relaxed, his moment changed in the environment bottom of matchless lustration of don't concern about, a kind of puzzling felling didn't know as well how accompanied with time to have no voice breathed fleet away but go to.

    Li Lian Tian quietly contemplated very in a short while, he still didn't stand up, he is to feel that he has a little today abnormal, think that the affair didn't also think so to know, feels brain one disorder.Was every to remember to know an incognizant person for a while in he before him the iterative emergence is on his brain chip, a kind of felling that pretty much remembers the past fondly expressed all of a sudden.

    Although Li Lian Tian is to reform a person, own feelings that the mankind own, there are many extraordinary places, he not God-man, also not is what myth, can't usually create myth, either.He only has a heart, very ordinary heart, the whole love with forgive all and put together of heart.He is unique now worry most of is the bargain that Sen star mentions, that is to use the antidote that a great deal of money exchanges jade heart, can also say to exchange the life of jade heart.To Zhang Jia, this is one had better the best matter, although they care these money in now the function of this crisis time, money is after all an external things, to a life that pretty much cherishes, the all theses didn't mean what.However Li Lian Tian now thoughts of that money all has a kind of very impressionable reaction, may be because the world company needs the cause of funds really too.The world company of a little bit earnings, its future is still a dream, is very likely to become an everyone doesn't want to see of broken up of dream, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/indianapolis-colts-andrew-luck-jersey-c-272_276.html Colts Andrew Luck Jersey.

    The blue influence and Zhang Jia bargain carries on very smoothly, the Sen star is also the representative of an attendant bargain, after all the Sen star grows up now of the force be learned Zhang Jia also says, can calculate of top first good hand, the Sen star

  16. BlogIcon Tony Gonzalez Falcons Jersey 2012.12.28 16:49

    controls in the hand of the other party now.

    "Please sit down, last tea & & " good man piece in person outside the door representative's accolade of that blue influence come in, he even doesn't know how to describe his own current mood, he really not get the representative of this blue influence can directly take out the antidote of jade heart, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/pittsburgh-steelers-troy-polamalu-jersey-c-532_542.html Troy Polamalu Steelers Jersey.

    Stand genius piece of one side also on changing the normal at first, he always of the warning is a not usual time now by himself/herself, he the temper for hasing to overcome his own that fire suddenly and violently, oneself after all and most loves most in person of the younger sister still controls in the hand of the other party, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/new-orleans-saints-drew-brees-jersey-c-404_428.html Drew Brees Jersey Saints, if oneself carelessly gave offense to the other party, that he but want to do a historic convict that is deeply called down by conscience.

    The whole Zhang Jia discusses inside in the center for only three people, these three people may can represent the whole.

    The Sen star stands on the front door, his look in the eyes is very strange, he doesn't know that his own in the mind is just thinking as well what, however he is unique to tell now own is the consolation that is a kind of to the future fine dreams.

    He is quiet, quietly stand, he not know that he is just thinking what, also not know a short while by himself/herself is not is should so of do.The life heart palpitates of jade heart was more and more and faintly probably regarded as, unique support her conviction of be also likely to be that so-called cripple wolf, but & & to Sen star all of all theses were no longer so important affairs.He the only ability Be inquisitive to is today to discuss a result now, that is the livinging of jade heart and die, and a kind of emotion of truely great love blends.Probably this feelings also only that kind of take out own heart to go to to oneself love of the person share of time, silent dedication of time, that feelings of the state would sublimate, would show people the unique of heart.

    Sen star of inside dint deep, is plusing recent growth, he can very easily use intelligently listen to the dint catch a circumferential voice interest, his ear dint for a while through the distance & &

    Inside the building, the representative of good man piece and that blue influence said eldest brother in a short while ceremonious words, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/baltimore-ravens-torrey-smith-jersey-c-36_55.html Torrey Smith Ravens Jersey, the both parties' old grudge good elephant has a talk and wins disappearing of disappearance a trace, the good elephant changes all of a sudden both parties existed very deep comity before of.Everythings are all unsuited to, the pure Sen star could not touch front and back thinking way of thinking all of a sudden and received all of a sudden.

    Both parties say very big short while of time, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/new-england-patriots-rob-gronkowski-jersey-c-375_402.html Rob Gronkowski Patriots Jersey, just finally turned a topic back.

    The environment before and very easily laughing heartily was broken all of a sudden.

    The representative of blue influence put forward his condition all of a sudden, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/denver-broncos-peyton-manning-jersey-c-179_181.html Peyton Manning Jersey Broncos, the blue influence prepared to let go, however Zhang Jia have to money to exchange jade Ms. Xin's antidote.Probably blue influence very early consider good, they see an one-time attitude of Zhang Jia so tough and then quickly will return the agreeable condition changes all of a sudden money.They are still has a good heads of, after all can get some thing ratio have nothing at all always of good, anyway they would not like to see that, either of the jade heart really died and left that kind of for a while with Zhang Jia blood feud & &

    However this time the blue influence puts forward of the condition still relatively let people accept so much of, to good man piece, he is a guy of way with old experience, he is certainly at first not very silly to accept the condition of the other party all of a sudden, after all the blue influence opens the price of to also very frighten a person, is really a tiger to greatly open mouth.

    Both parties' attitudes are all very resolute, all respectively Be not willing to let one step, discussed both parties to fall into logjam that could not say reason all of a sudden here, who would not like to break this logjam first, either.

    O.K., may be because that blue influence very lacked money now, that blue influence represented good speech to say for a long time, afterwards both parties let go at the same time like this so one-step, the agreement also reaches a little bit smoothly like this, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/new-york-giants-victor-cruz-jersey-c-433_454.html Victor Cruz Giants Jersey, the life of jade heart canned also say to temporarily have a good result.

    Hand over money all alone, time delivering goods all alone settles after 23 hours, at this time good man piece and genius piece et al this just al

  17. BlogIcon Victor Cruz Jersey Giants 2012.12.28 16:50

    to now & &

    Absolute being officer's outlying life experience isn't very abundant, she just walked so several steps have already got lost in the this wood's son, could not recognize a direction all of a sudden to come.She has to at first again station sat down and seemed to be very anxious.In fact her in the mind early has already handed over to that spirit in the heart of own lives, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/denver-broncos-von-miller-jersey-c-179_190.html Von Miller Broncos Jersey, she know that that vain spirit will protect her, it lets she a time of out of the woods.

    The absolute being officer contemplates, her brain inside for a while again appear that cosmos youth first good hand Li Lian Tian's figure want to think, she puzzlingly stretched out that drive falling of the blood cook trace of Li Lian Tian red place, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/minnesota-vikings-adrian-peterson-jersey-c-345_354.html Adrian Peterson Vikings Jersey, her facial expression changes all of a sudden pretty much to be fond of Mang, don't know as well all over where come of the strength control for the handle knob all of a sudden of very tightly good tight.

    "Is that he broke my life & & still have him(is Lee who easily permits behind even sky) & & " absolute being officer's in the mind dark way, she doesn't know as well she why in the mind will so of drop blood.In fact absolute being officer's man's natural character is still very kind of, just at after expect of influenced a lot all of a sudden in the environment, also changed a lot, however made absolute being the officer didn't thought of of these two men are unexpectedly the same person, and he is unique a be subjected to absolute being officer so gravity one shot and don't die of person, this but say to is a miracle, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/new-england-patriots-tom-brady-jersey-c-375_377.html Patriots Tom Brady Jersey, also but say to isn't a miracle.

    Once Li Lian Tian on every occasion lie where, he the time in the absolute being officer's gravity one shot feel infinite physical strength surround his whole body for a while, who make him think that the affair concentrates too much, after responding to come over he basically there is no enough time getting around, more not say the type of backstroke.

    The absolute being officer's boxing is very quick, violent of boxing breeze for a while shot at Li Lian Tian's back spinal column, one mouthful blood for a while vomited out from Li Lian Tian's larynx, he for a while while pounding at the function of dint collapsed and fainted past.

    The absolute being officer quietly sat for a long time, her taste often tooked a look the man who falls on the ground, that makes her have a little a puzzling man, and that thinks the man that impossibly live again to descend.

    Suddenly, that absolute being officer thinks that Li Lian Tian that have already become a corpse suddenly groans a , although that voice is very weak, calm down like this Mi of in the environment, absolute being officer still very easy of listen to out.

    The officer of absolute being is very surprised, Li Lian Tian whom she again closed to fall on the ground, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/green-bay-packers-aaron-rodgers-jersey-c-216_217.html Aaron Rodgers Jersey Packers, once her hands come in contact with Li Lian Tian's face, she felt all of a sudden what.

    "This person will time immemorial easily permit Shu & & " absolute being officer surprise for a while, she didn't thought of to so at the right moment also run into a person of thing who knows time immemorial.

    The officer of absolute being is very curious, she fisted a hand, hands the fire that change for a while under the function of the capability Be red to get up, then her hands again on Li Lian Tian's face activity get up.

    The absolute being officer in"is him & & he is unexpectedly a cosmos Li Lian Tian of the first youth & & " faded all of a sudden in the face of Li Lian Tian of easily permit a thing, saw Li Lian Tian's true feature all of a sudden.

    See this, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/indianapolis-colts-andrew-luck-jersey-c-272_276.html Andrew Luck Colts Jersey, the absolute being officer's concussion thousand times, her brain changes all of a sudden of blank.She the Chi Chi looking at in front, the the man who left to break a bloody vestige on the her hand before.

    Absolute being officer concussion very in a short while, she what don't also think of take off the clothes of her own last body, then pull all of a sudden to have Li Lian Tian, and toward Li Lian Tian's chest his/her own chest, the breast also even tightly presses at together & & the absolute being officer's body also change so for an instant at the good elephant of the fire Be red to get up & &

    & &

    The officer of absolute being is being dressed in blouse and lookinging at to pour at Li Lian Tian on the ground, her tears is continuously to fall down & &

    The absolute being officer's face is very red, didn't know to flow as well how long of tears, Chi seeing of fan Li Lian Tian for a long time Be continuously to say a words in mouth:"Hope you don't want to be ungrateful to me, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/atlanta-falcons-tony-gonzalez-jersey-c-21_35.html Tony Gonzalez Falcons Jersey,

  18. ons & & " Li Lian Tian sighed an one breath, he had no way of lowly head, he doesn't know how he should explain as well, after all he isn't likely to speak his own identity now, he thinks if speaking oneself is Li Lian Tian, so here of the complicated situation change again of more of complications.

    Li Lian Tian still pretty much trusts to own Wu Xue of, his self-confident he can escape of go out, if the words got into nasty fight, probably death and harm miserably heavy of isn't oneself, he thinks to have no necessity again go to injury Zhang Jia's person, probably all these all and the jade heart is still relational.Want Li Lian Tian not to how can don't understand this social situation, does he have to have reservation?

    Cold Leng for a while, they each other hoped one eye with each other and saw Li Lian Tian no longer have excrescent action, he recruited a hand to after death several individuals, then quickly let go of the weapon in the hand, how didn't politely walk to come over.

    The constringency that"you are to walk don't drop & & " is cold to see good elephant of Li Lian Tian's vehemence 1:00, he flicked to wave hand and shook to shake head a way.

    Lee even the sky discommodes very much, he doesn't know as well own mental now is how to think of, probably connect very much, probably very excited, he want to make moves, however he at the thought of jade heart, he doesn't know to say what like.However he is very strong, he is impossibly so weak in character, what to deliver is the air of a kind of hard detection in his look in the eyes, this air pretty much determination.

    "This there is still in the world so silly person & & dare a person arrive Zhang Jia to do wrong, you still think what place Zhang Jia is, I misses your life to see to is to have no, I still really thinks is what superior come & & we well afraid."A Zhang Jia's under charge that holds tight Li Lian Tian's arm very irony lookinging at of derision Li Lian Tian,

    The another holds tight Li Lian Tian's person, he absorbed one mouthful saliva, then towarded Li Lian Tian's face up vomited in the past, also intentionally grasped the hair beginning of the head of Li Lian Tian to heartily flutter

    Li Lian Tian starts deep breathing, he starts doubting he exactly whether be subjected to of live a such injustice.He shook to shake head, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/green-bay-packers-aaron-rodgers-jersey-c-216_217.html Aaron Rodgers Packers Jersey, waving of mission, he hopes that he can forget, forget everything in nowadays and suppress own fury.See Li Lian Tian have a little madness of move, Zhang Jia's person still thinks that Li Lian Tian wants to escape and starts making an effort a flounder.

    Those of the under charge feel funny, they way:"You are very fierce, we are still really enough frightened.We well afraid."

    Li Lian Tian's brain one blank, he doesn't know how he thinks, he just feels the dignity that this is great injury, let him......Originally had been warning oneself to endure patiently endurance endurance, but cut up rough again beginning slowly started to be suffused with ripple, he was about to make moves, but again at the right moment saw jade Ms. Xin slowly move come over of eyes, flickering and flaring eyes.Li Lian Tian quickly pressed down spirit, he tightly holds he's ten fingers into a fist and quickly spares no effort an argument way on the mouth:"I ain't an enemy, I come to see jade Ms. Xin, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/pittsburgh-steelers-troy-polamalu-jersey-c-532_542.html Troy Polamalu Jersey Steelers!"Say, Li Lian Tian again extended the look in the eyes that is full of surprised tender feelings to the in front of jade heart.

    "Unexpectedly dare to also say words like this, you give him a little suffering first to eat, I want to see he exactly whether is so strong, whether still so brave, unexpectedly dare to also arrive our Zhang Jia, unexpectedly dare to also beat my younger sister's idea, I want to make you know, you are very miserably mortal, let you know....., http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/san-francisco-49ers-patrick-willis-jersey-c-598_614.html Patrick Willis 49ers Jersey."

    At this time, a man whom Gao Gao Zhuang strengthens suddenly walked out from the crowd and rudely walked to Li Lian Tian's in front and jilted Li Lian Tian for a while, Li Lian Tian's silly eye get up, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/san-francisco-49ers-patrick-willis-jersey-c-598_614.html Patrick Willis Jersey 49ers.

    Li Lian Tian immediately on receiving, his head is also be shaken by the so big energy of a little bit emit Venus.

    The come out the comer is Zhang Yu Xin of elder brother's genius piece.

    "Calculate, elder brother, he good elephant's looking really isn't a bad person, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/pittsburgh-steelers-troy-polamalu-jersey-c-532_542.html Troy Polamalu Steelers Jersey, isn't also an enemy."The jade heart of good natured sees this good elephant a little bit cant not bear to heart, she quickly jacked up a volume loudly of called to come out.

    "You don't talk & & I understand of how do, I am your elder brother, you don't know of, http://www.officialnfljerseysproshop.com/houston-texans-andre-johnson-jersey-c-251_265.html Andre Johnson Texans Jersey, in fact a lot of truths you don't understand, t

  19. BlogIcon Chase Blackburn Jersey 2012.12.29 14:44

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