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지구의 생존은 아이폰 지구 방위대에게 달려있습니다. 탐욕스러운 외계 세력의 공격에 맞서 우리의 행성을 지켜내십시요!

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    • BlogIcon latte4u 2010.09.01 16:06 신고

      네, 할만합니다~~~
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    So, what am I doing??

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    With so many opinions, I guess it really comes down to what you and your partner are comfortable with. My to-be husband shrugged like he didn't care, but I know that shrug. It's like the cool guy way of saying 'do whatever you want but remember that I can and will stop buying you presents'. Point taken, dear.

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    I have to admit, I'm friends with most of my ex-boyfriends, one in particular.

    I didn't know how to respond. And did this mean that now I had to invite him to my wedding out of sheer courtesy?

    I'm not talking super close BFF's, but definitely more than just facebook friends. This didn't happen overnight, of course. There were the years of bitter resentment and complete avoidance, followed by the reluctant Facebook add, which eventually lead to the occasional wall post and so forth and now we stand at a point where we'll invite each other to the bigger events (birthdays at bars etc), but won't include each other on our Christmas lists.

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    In the world of birds, ruffled feathers is one sign of a virus.Isn't that also the case at work? Ruffled feathers can spreadlike a virus throughout your office, department or corporation.Depending on the influence of the 'ruffled one', that spread canbe fatal.

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