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We Rule과 비슷한 면이 있지만, We Farm은 더욱 세부적인 게임 진행을 필요로 합니다. 다양한 농작물과 가축들을 사육하며 We Farm만의 새로운 블루리본 시스템에서 최고급 농축산물로 등록되려면 가축의 하트가 나타날 때마다 잘 터치해줘서 가축을 행복하게 잘 보살펴주어야 합니다. 블루리본을 달아야지만 다른 친구들의 주문을 받을 수 있게 되니, 어렵더라도 가축을 계속 예뻐해주어야 행복지수가 올라가서 블루리본 달고 알바를 하게 됩니다.
농작물과 가축, 나무, 꽃, 연못, 트랙터와 저장 창고까지 수많은 아이템들을 하나씩 Unlock하면서 농장을 꾸며 나가는 재미가 We Rule보다 더 재미납니다. 농작물을 수확하고 가축을 팔아 GOLD를 모아서 또 새로운 농작물, 건물을 지어나갑니다.
We Rule에는 모조라는 것이 있어서 시간이 많이 걸리는 작업도 모조를 사용해서 순식간에 작업을 완료하게 했는데, We Farm에도 Gro 라는 것으로 모조와 동일하게 시간을 단축할 수 있습니다.
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    "It's a big win for us. To beat Baltimore here, this is a tough place to play. They had a lot to play for. We did too."
    --Broncos TE Jacob Tamme.

    BALTIMORE The Denver for a 34-17 victory. Here's what players and coaches said after the game.

    "I'm not into assessments right now. Everybody fought like crazy and did their best. We have a lot of capable people. It's not about that and it's not going to be about that."
    --Ravens coach John Harbaugh on Jim Caldwell's first game calling plays since the team fired Cam Cameron.

    "I couldn't react because I was dealing with a lot of sickness during the game, flu symptoms. I just wasn't all the way into it. I thought he was ready to put his head down. I saw him gathering himself, so I was like, 'There's no way he's going to jump.' Great play by him."
    --Ravens safety Ed Reed talking about Broncos running back

    "I am embarrassed for our city."
    --Ed Reed

    "We made plays when we needed to. We made a few more than they did. It wasn't a statement. It was just an opportunity to play better than we've been playing, and hopefully next week we can play better than we did this week.
    --Broncos WR Brandon Stokley.

    "It was a huge play. And those are the types of plays that change games."
    --Broncos coach John Fox on Chris Harris' 98-yard interception return for a TD.

    "We didn't turn the ball over. I thought that was significant. We've been fortunate to win some of these games with the turnovers we've had."
    --Peyton Manning.

    "Our goal is to get better every week, Sonny Jurgensen Jersey, and I feel we do in some areas. You're still looking to play that perfect, 60-minute game. That's our goal every week. We did some good things today. There are things we can do better."
    --Peyton Manning, Broncos QB, on Denver's nine-game winning streak.

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    - Just received word that Eagles single-game tickets will go on sale June 21.? I’m at the NovaCare Complex today taking in Eagles practice.? I’ll have some notes on that practice in a few hours, and then we’ll have to wait more than a month for training camp.

    “I could explain it but I don’t want to explain it because it’s really irrelevant at this point,’’ general manager Jerry Reese said on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

    And then Jerry Reese, :

    - Mike Jenkins , but he has now lost it.? According to Ian Rappaport of, .? Jenkins , but there is no chance in hell that a team is going to give up a decent pick for a player with an unknown medical issue.? Meanwhile, there is no chance that the Cowboys are going to trade him for peanuts.? I have no idea what Jenkins is trying to accomplish here.? It seems as though he is cutting off his nose to spite his face.

    More after the jump…

    “I could explain it but I don’t want to?”? What is that?

    I never thought very much of Kevin Boss when he was with the Giants.? He left and didn’t amount to much, Wesley Woodyard Jersey.? I feel very similarly about Jake Ballard.? This isn’t a major loss by any stretch, but if given the choice between keeping Jake Ballard and losing Jake Ballard, clearly you would want to keep Jake Ballard.? And therefore, the Giants messed up pretty badly here, even if they never live to regret it.

    When it was suggested that the Giants might just have kept their top pass-catching tight end from last season on the 90-man roster to ensure keeping his contract rights, Coughlin shot back, “Don’t ask me those questions. I don’t have the answer for you.”

    - Nothing particularly newsworthy to talk about with the Redskins lately.? My fellow NFC East writer Dan Graziano of ESPN is down in Ashburn taking in the Skins this week, and .? Graziano has Brandon Meriweather and Madieu Williams penciled in as the Week 1 starters.? (NFCE receivers lick their chops).? Hell, he could have picked any safety combo and I would have typed “NFCE receivers lick their chops.”

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    As I said last week, losing the field position battle is deadly to your chances of winning. Luckily this week, we made improvements, but it's still not tight enough.

    had a huge fumble recovery early in the game, and displayed his fantastic speed to cover a great punt by . Vaughn also held his own in coverage.

    Seattle was not expected to be anything special this season, but they came out and dominated the in week one with a 31-6 blowout. Whatever they did well in week one, though, they did poorly in week two when they came to Denver. The Broncos forced four turnovers, and played almost mistake-free football against Seattle on the way to their first victory of the 2010 campaign.

    , RB

    Also, no penalties from either player.

    A solid performance from Denver's rookie class on Sunday.

    Top Performers

    Thomas' foot injury didn't seem to have any effect on his play, but you could tell the coaching staff was cautious about playing him too much, as he probably could have had even more of an impact than he ended up having.

    There were also some very fine plays in coverage by our linebackers, who kept John Carlson relatively in check.

    I realize this unit is going to struggle without Dumervil, so Wink Martindale is going to need to get creative with his blitz packaging. We simply cannot afford a weak pass rush week in and week out. If guys like have all day to throw, not even our top notch secondary are going to be able to stop him.

    That will be nice.

    and improved greatly from their week one performance, where the offensive line allowed three sacks. This week, Beadles and Walton both held their own, not allowing a single sack. The one recorded sack came when Kyle Orton took a dive behind the line of scrimmage unnecessarily when he should have simply thrown the ball away. I'm not going to peg that one on any guy on the line. A nice improvement from both players in pass protection, but still work to be done in the running game, undoubtedly.

    I think you saw the fruits of Orton's offseason labor on Sunday. He was precise, confident, and despite a shaky offensive line once again, he was able to put together a fantastic game which inlcluded 306 yards on 25 completions and two touchdowns. The most important stat? No interceptions.

    Correll needs to step it up if he doesn't want to lose carries to newcomer , who is not a bad back. Maroney was dumped by the , but it wasn't for lack of production. He had nine touchdowns last season in a running back by committee in New England with three other guys.


    Pass Rush

    Special Teams

    Compared to their week one performances, these two teams looked like polar opposites.

    There is a lot to be excited about if you are a Broncos fan, and first and foremost, enjoy the win tonight. Tuesday morning begins the next week of preparation, so soak it in for now, but you can bet some if not most of the team is already thinking about Indianapolis, probably even scouting them as they play their Sunday night game.

    , K

    Because they were on a national stage, the Kansas City Cheifs' rookie class got a ton of recognition for their Monday night performance a week ago. Today's performance by Denver's rookies blew that performance out of the water.

    Perrish Cox had a late game interception, but he didn't look quite as explosive as a return man. Hopefully that comes with some more experience, but to be fair, he wasn't given many opportunities on kick returns.

    Rarely does he ever make mistakes, and when he does, he often bounces back. The were able to beat the Colts in a shootout, but we don't want to get in a shootout with the Colts, because that's not our game.

    and do not go down easily. We are going to need to do a good job of tackling in order to stop the Colts' running game.

    Overall, this was a good game for the Broncos to get back on track and gain some confidence heading into a tough four game stretch here. Next week's game against the Colts will likely be our toughest test defensively, so we will need to continue to build off of these first two performances. If we can force turnovers next week like we did on Sunday, we should have a good chance of beating Peyton Manning next week, something we have not been able to do since I can remember.

    Week one killed the hopes of many Broncos fans when they travelled to Jacksonville and lost a messy game to the , but week two was a completely different story.

    On another promising drive from the Seahawks, stepped in front of a long pass intended for and picked it off.

    Orton found seven different receivers, but seemed to really enjoy his new toy, rookie receiver . Orton threw at Thomas nine times, and they connected on eight for 97 yards and a 21 yard score that put the Broncos ahead by 24 points.

    This one will probably be on the list every week, I have come to realize. We couldn't put pressure on Hasselbeck, mainly because he was throwing the ball really quickly on any and every pass play. Still, we applied little/no pressure on the day, and our lone sack came from , so kudos to Jarvis.

    One play I noticed that Buckhalter was effective was in pass protection when he prevented a sack and allowed Orton to make a nice throw. Other than that, he was ineffective in the worst way, averaging less than two yards per carry. It was sickening, to tell the truth, and despite our blocking not being great, he really didn't make the most of his limited opportunities. I think by the end of the season, he might be having the same impact did last year, though I won't call him that ineffective just yet.

    Needs Improvement


    The Seahawks' opening drive went down to the one yard line, and two penalties later, they were forced to throw. made Hasselbeck pay, picking off a pass near the goal line and giving the ball back to the Broncos.

    Demaryius Thomas, WR

    Moreno's first two weeks are encouraging signs of promise to me, but that blocking up front needs to get better.

    Moreno averaged a very poor 2.1 yards per carry, which in my opinion is unacceptable. That has as much to do with our poor run blocking as it does with Moreno, but the Broncos don't really seem to have a big play threat from the RB position because they are unable to really establish anything in that regard, Justin Tucker Jersey. Obviously, this will need to improve.

    We already touched on Demaryius Thomas, who looked great in his professional debut.

    Quick Stats

    This has been touched on, and I already know two remedies. How about picking up two All-Pro caliber players in and for the right side of our line?

    Still, this peformance was extremely encouraging from Thomas, and I can't wait to see what the rest of the season holds in regards to him. Perhaps the Broncos will also figure out a way to incorporate and into this offense, strengthening even further a unit that seems to be one of the better ones in all of football.

    Kyle Orton, QB

    Buckhalter stood out to me on Sunday as a weakness on this team. Week one, he hurt this team by fumbling. On Sunday, he dropped three passes in a row, and was ineffective as a runner aside from his one yard touchdown score, a play which the Broncos could have driven the team bus through the hole it was so big.

    Not a great game running from Moreno, who had his second touchdown in as many games, but another very solid output overall. Moreno had 118 total yards of offense, and showed how valuable he can be in the passing game when he turned a broken screen play into the longest play of the day for the Broncos, showing good balance and elusiveness on the way to a 45 yard gain.

    Quick Look Ahead

    Run Blocking

    This needs to get better if we're going to be a playoff team.

    Matt Prater, simply put, is money in the bank. He nailed an easy field goal, all of his extra point attempts, and the only kickoff return by the Seahawks went for 13 yards. Keep it up, Matt.

    the Still pretty sketchy this week. We allowed another big return this week, this time to rookie who set up the first touchdown drive of the day for Seattle. Colquitt is booming punts for us, and Prater rarely kicks anything but touchbacks when we're in Denver. Our coverage units are over pursuing and missing tackles.

    Playing in their second straight week of record breaking heat, the came home to a pumped up crowd and handled the , winning their 11th straight home opener 31-14.

    We averaged less than three yards a carry, which is absolutely dreadful. It's sad when Moreno's top run of the day went for nine yards.

    Despite the skeptics, the foot injury, and the lack of pure experience, Thomas was able to put together a very, very impressive professional debut. Thomas finished the game with eight catches for 97 yards and a touchdown, and definitely provided a boost to an already strong point of Denver's passing attack.

    Even so, the running game and Moreno were able to punch the ball in for six from a yard out twice, putting six points on the board rather than three, which is something we saw a lot last year.

    After their performance in week one against the Jaguars, many of us thought this unit was way off track. It appears as though we might have jumped on them too quickly there. The Broncos forced no turnovers in week one, and on Sunday, they picked off three times.

    Before we start getting into Indianapolis, let's take a look at what the Broncos did well in their impressive week two performance.

    The Indianapolis defense is anchored by , who is a fantastic pass rusher. They do not have huge names defensively, but they always seem to play good in their scheme. We should have a good matchup with their defensive backs, and it will be a good game in Denver next week.

    Late in the game, beatifully read a short route and intercepted a Hasselbeck to cap off a fantastic day by this unit. No Seattle receiver went over 53 yards, and Hasselbeck was held to 233 yards overall. There was also a critical 4th and short when the Broncos led by 17, and Hasselbeck tested Champ Bailey in the back of the end zone. Despite a massive overthrow on the play, testing Bailey in one-on-one coverage on fourth down is a terrible idea no matter what.

    Peyton Manning is the best quarterback in the league in my opinion. He has a good offensive line once again, and the key to beating him is going to be simply forcing him off the field. As long as Manning is on the field, he will strike fear into your opponents, and he will always find open receivers.

    Right now, Orton is playing lights out football. The Broncos are going to need that heading into the game next week. Orton made a lot of good plays on Sunday, and looked much more sharp than he did against the Jaguars. A fantastic performance by the Broncos' starting quarterback.

    Related articles:

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