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    Put the warm in warm wishes by having guests sign a quilt! Or have guests sign on iron ons.

    Before books, there were scrolls. Let your guests scratch at parchment with real quills or fountain pens with nibs. It's an added bonus if you love Harry Potter. A vintage inspired wedding is a perfect time to showcase an old typewriter. Guests can write notes, which can be arranged into a manuscript later.

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    Book Alternatives

    Old School

    Theme specific

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    Rethinking the Guest Book

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    Tomlin, like Harbaugh, was wise, however, in his analysis of the Steelers. He knew that Cowher had built a team that could win despite rarely spending large amounts of money on free agents because the Steelers ran a system on defense that focused more on a type of athlete, not super stars. To change that system would likely mean a long period of growing pains as personnel on the defensive side of the ball was overhauled to play the system Tomlin was used to.

    The job of Head Coach is so much more than game planning, or offense, or defense. It is about delegating. It is about motivating. It is about leading 53 men, most who will never have to work a day in their lives, to run into a brick wall 60 times every Sunday. Most importantly, it is about having the confidence to come into a situation, realize that despite change there are things that currently work, and leaving them the hell alone.


    Word came out that the Broncos are going to 'urge' the new Head Coach to keep 6 existing assistant coaches from the current staff. This is not entirely a financial decision since all the Broncos assistants were under contract for 2009 and most have been shown the door. What it is, however, is wise thinking by Pat Bowlen, and whoever does finally win the Broncos sweepstakes would be wise to take Bowlen's urging under advisement.

    The proof is in the results as the Ravens went 11-5 and will play in Tennessee this weekend and one of the Top 5 defenses in football.

    I don't claim to be a genius, nor do I play one on television. My thoughts on the coaching search and what I think the Broncos should do are not likely to be eye opening, nor surprise anyone. I do feel the need to get it down on 'paper' so that when it all does finally come down you'll all remember where I stood.

    The result? The Steelers are playing this weekend and have the best defense in football.

    Example #2 comes from the Steel City. After Bill Cowher stepped down, the Steelers made a bold hire when they introduced Mike Tomlin as their Head Coach. There was alot of noise made about the Steelers going outside the 'family', overlooking candidates like Russ Grimm and Ken Whisenhunt. Another concern was the defense Tomlin ran as defensive coordinator with the Minnesota Vikings. Playing from a traditional 4-3 front, with the Tampa-2 behind, Tomlin did nearly the exact opposite as the incumbant DC in Pittsburgh, Dick LaBeau.

    There are two excellent examples in the NFL right now of teams that brought in new head coaches that kept the coaching staffs in tact despite their backgorunds being on that side of the ball. In one case, the existing system was completely different from the one the new coach had ran previously. Both teams were dominant on that side of the ball and remain so today, mostly because the new head coach didn't make a knee-jerk decision to clean house. The Result? Both teams are still playing.

    The Ravens, however, don't run the same scheme employed by DC Jim Johnson in Philly. Harbaugh could have easily cleaned house, brought in some Philadelphia assistants and did things his way. Wisely he understood what he had in Ryan, and more importantly, in the players he had on the Ravens defense. They played hard for Ryan, they responded to him. What mess with that?

    With it being rumored that the Broncos are high on Josh McDaniels/Jason Garrett, many have thought that Jeremy Bates and his offensive coaching counterparts might be in trouble. Why wouldn't a new Head Coach want to bring in his own guys to handle the side of the ball he feels most comfortable with? Seems logical. I wrote the day before Mike Shanahan was fired that stability was needed at Dove Valley. Keeping the offensive coaches in-tact is vital, in my opinion, to the continued maturation of Jay Cutler and the young offense he commands. Doing something else could mean a step backward.

    The Broncos are not unlike Baltimore or Pittsburgh. Neither the Ravens or Steelers were a playoff team before their new coaches toook over, yet the new coaches were smart enough to realize what they had on the defensive side of the ball, left it intact, and got busy working on what needed to be fixed instead of what they felt comfortable doing.

    In the end, Tomlin kept LaBeau and set forth on his quest to be the coach the Steelers needed him to be, http://www.broncosjerseyfanshop.com/champ-bailey-jersey-c-104.html Broncos Champ Bailey Jersey, a great motivator. Tomlin has the fire and charisma that his predecessor had. A cocky/confidence that makes players want to play for him. To play hard for him becuase he had the self-assuredness to come into a new situation and not immediately try and put his stamp on it. Let the men that had helped Pittsburgh be successful continue to make Pittsburgh successful.

    Let's start in Baltimore, where John Harbaugh was hired last winter to take over the Ravens. Harbaugh was a defensive assistant at every level, and while he spent many of his NFL coaching years as a Special Teams coach, his final year was spent as a defensive backs coach in Philadelphia. When Harbaugh was hired he had a decision to make. The Ravens had a dominant defense already led by Rex Ryan.

    Harbaugh kept Ryan and the hired a strong offensive mind(Cam Cameron) to run his offense. Being a Special Teams/Defense specialist Harbaugh was wise to do so, especially with a rookie quarterback coming into the fold. By keeping stability on defense, and bringing in experience to run the offense, Harbaugh could set out to do what a Head Coach needs to do with a losing team, change the culture.

    It takes someone special to do that. John Harbaugh did it. Mike Tomlin did it. The Denver Broncos offense was one of the best in football last year, without the stability of a running game. Whomevere is lucky enough to take over that offense needs to do it too, and get to work on fixing the attitude, culture and defense of the Denver Broncos.

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    The Broncos offer a variety of price levels, which are detailed at the bottom of this release, as well as points of purchase for their fans. Included in the inventory available for the public are full-price tickets, half-price tickets, ADA tickets and club seat tickets.

    Full-Price Tickets: Full-price tickets go on sale at 11 a.m. MDT on Monday, July 23. They may be purchased via the Ticketmaster charge-by-phone system (800-745-3000), at any local Ticketmaster outlet and through the Internet at Ticketmaster.com. Please note that there will be a limit of four tickets per household per game.



    Upper Level Endzone

    Half-Price Tickets: Half-price tickets go on sale at 1 p.m. MDT on Monday, July 23. They may be purchased through the Ticketmaster charge-by-phone system (800-745-3000) or through the Internet at Ticketmaster.com only.



    * - There will be a limit of four tickets per household and no multiple-game purchases are allowed, http://www.redskinsjerseyfanshop.com/ Robert Griffin III Redskins Jersey. This will be verified by Ticketmaster by name and credit card usage.

    * - After claiming their half-price tickets, buyers must go directly into the stadium.

    Field/Plaza Endzone





    Upper Level Sideline


    Ticket purchasers may acquire seats via the Ticketmaster charge-by-phone system (800-745-3000), through the Internet at Ticketmaster.com, local Ticketmaster outlets (including select Walmart stores, Cherry Creek Shopping Center Guest Services Desk, The Official Visitors Center at 1600 California St. Ste. 6, Town Center @ Aurora Guest Services, Angelo's CD'S & More, and Twist & Shout). For best results, the Broncos recommend the online and charge-by-phone capabilities that Ticketmaster provides to help avoid long lines while gaining access to the same inventory.

    * - All sales are final and there are no exchanges, cancellations or refunds.

    * - There will be no name changes on half-price tickets.


    Field Goal Lines




    Reserved Seats @ Level 3

    Field Prime




    The on Wednesday announced that tickets for individual games during the 2012 season at Sports Authority Field at Mile High will go on sale beginning Monday, July 23, at 11 a.m. MDT. Ticket availability will vary, as the Broncos have sold out 325 consecutive regular-season games dating back to 1970, but a limited number of tickets (mostly single seats) will be available for all games beginning on Monday, July 23.

    ADA Seating: A limited amount of ADA seating for ADA qualified patrons will go on sale concurrently on Monday, July 23, via Ticketmaster. For additional information, please refer to the ADA section of .

    Club Seating: There also will be a very limited amount of club seats designated for single-game sales. Club Seat locations will be available on the East and West United Club Levels for single-game purchase. This inventory will be available beginning on July, 23 at 11 a.m. MDT via the Ticketmaster charge-by-phone system (800-745-3000), at any Ticketmaster outlet and through the Internet at Ticketmaster.com. There still are a limited number of Club Level season tickets available for the 2012 season by license agreement. Interested parties should contact the Broncos directly at (720) 258-3338.

    * - All tickets must be claimed at gate entry on the day of the purchased game. Only buyers of the half-price tickets will be authorized to pick up their orders.

    A total of the 2,000 half-price tickets will be available for purchase in compliance with the legislation and operating agreement with the Metropolitan Football Stadium District upon the construction of Sports Authority Field at Mile High. The Broncos and the MFSD have implemented the following procedures for the purchase of half-price tickets:




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    “I heard from the league, and they fined me whatever they were going to fine me, but I’ll definitely call in [an appeal],” Lewis said Wednesday. “I think the thing is, you definitely respect them trying to protect players’ safety, but at the same time, it won’t change the way I play in this league, no matter what the fine is. You just can’t stop playing defense the way this defense has always played.

    “So it’s going to turn into if you’re going to fine me $40,000, I might as well put him to sleep for real or I might as well blow his knee out.”

    I don’t see this changing in the near future. There will be more hits, more fines, and more controversy.

    If you’ve ever watched a Ravens-Steelers game you know that it’s one filled with tough hits and should not be played by the faint of heart.

    This all of course brings up yet again the discussion that the NFL has turned soft. These hits ten years ago would have been applauded on?television and probably featured on a NFL sponsored video. I understand the reaction towards player concussions since the league had turned a blind eye to the issue for so long. But it seems as if they now overreact to situations and seem to randomly assign fines even when penalties haven’t been assessed during the game.

    As expected this Wednesday some fines were handed down from the league on a few players, one of which was Ray Lewis. after he made helmet to helmet contact while tackling Hines Ward. Lewis was not penalized on the field for the play. Ward was removed from the game in the Second Quarter and did not return.

    Steelers players Ryan Clark and James Harrison also received fines for hits during Sunday night’s game. Clark’s hit on Ed Dickson earned him a 15-yd penalty during the game plus a hefty $40,000 fine. were a bit more interesting.

    “If the receiver has the ball, it’s your job to disengage him from the ball. You never want to hurt anybody. I’ve been in this business too long, and the last thing you want to do is hurt anyone. But I just think that once you start getting into these fines — and I don’t even know how they come up with these numbers — just get done with it and whatever it is. I’ll talk to the league and move on from there.”

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