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    • BlogIcon latte4u 2010.07.22 09:50 신고

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    Prospects: White managed the position change without an offseason program and he should benefit greatly from going through a round of team workouts, OTA’s and a minicamp. Still, http://www.redskinsjerseyfanshop.com/chris-chester-jersey-c-108.html Chris Chester Jersey, as noted, he plays a position where the Redskins are both strong and young. Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan, the starters at outside linebacker, aren’t going anywhere for a few years. White also is behind veteran Rob Jackson and special teams star Lorenzo Alexander on the depth chart. And there is the possibility that the Redskins will bring in more competition in the draft. It would seem that the upside potential for White’s 2012 season and beyond is to make the team and get an opportunity to play on special teams and on a few defensive packages. 


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    QB: B

    LB: A-

    Andre Johnson and Owen Daniels, who are Matt Schaub’s favorite targets, combined for 16 catches and 145 yards. Daniels caught a touchdown pass. Kevin Walter averaged 18.5 yards on four catches that included a 34-yard touchdown reception, http://www.broncosjerseyfanshop.com/demaryius-thomas-jersey-c-110.html Demaryius Thomas Broncos Jersey.

    Matt Schaub was sacked once after the second series. The linemen did a great job of picking up blitzing linebackers. They also did a splendid job of run blocking, helping the Texans average 4.9 yards compared to 3.8 for the season.

    The linemen helped stuff the run. The Ravens had 55 yards rushing. They put consistent pressure on quarterback Joe Flacco. Antonio Smith recorded two sacks. J.J. Watt didn’t get a sack, but he had two more pass deflections.

    Coaching: A

    DL: A-

    OL: A

    WR/TE: B+

    Kickoff coverage was terrible again. Jacoby Jones averaged 32.7 yards on six returns. Donnie Jones had another terrific game with a 48-yard gross and a 47.8-yard net. Shayne Graham connected on field goals of 33 and 29 yards.


    After getting torched by the Packers, the defensive backs responded in a big way. Johnathan Joseph returned an interception for a touchdown. He had Kareem Jackson shut down the wideouts. Glover Quin led the team with six tackles.

    No telling how good Matt Schaub’s statistics would have been if his receivers had not dropped any passes. As it was, he threw for two touchdowns. He wasn’t intercepted. His rating was 100.7. Schaub was calm under pressure.

    Connor Barwin got his first sack of the season, and it was good for a safety. Whitney Mercilus got the first sack of his career. Bradie James and Tim Dobbins did a good job against the run. They also did well in coverage.

    Coach Gary Kubiak, offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips did an outstanding of preparing a game plan and getting their players to carry it out. An overall outstanding coaching job.

    RB: A-

    DB: A

    Specialists: B-

    Arian Foster led a 181-yard rushing performance. He carried only 19 times, but he got 98 yards and two touchdowns and averaged 5.2 per carry. Ben Tate ran for 47 yards before suffering a hamstring injury. Justin Forsett added 32 yards.

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    The Ravens will be Considine’s fifth team his last five NFL seasons.

    Considine spent his first four years, including three with Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh, in Philadelphia, http://www.officialravenshop.com/joe-flacco-jersey-c-120.html Joe Flacco Ravens Jersey. He was originally drafted by the Eagles with the first pick in the fourth round in 2005

    The 6-foot, 212-pounder will join Baltimore safeties Ed Reed and Bernard Pollard. Baltimore also has exclusive rights free agent safety Emanuel Cook.

    The Ravens continued to make Friday a very busy day by adding depth to the Secondary as well as Special Teams.

    With the departures of Tom Zbikowski (Indianapolis) and Haruki Nakamura (Carolina) in free agency, the signing of Sean Considine filled an immediate need and will likely help on special teams. He signed a one-year deal.

    Considine, 29, split the 2011 season between the Carolina Panthers and then the Arizona Cardinals.

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