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#1 Aero Wings 플레이 방법
Aero Wings를 플레이 하는 방법은 매우 간단합니다. 중력센서로 비행기 상승과 하강을 조정하게 되고, 우측 하단의 버튼은 기관총, 좌측 하단의 버튼은 미사일과 유도탄입니다.

기관총 총알 제한은 없지만, 미사일과 유도탄은 제한되어 있습니다.

미사일은 보스와 같이 강력한 상대를 대상으로 사용하는 것이 좋으며, 직선으로만 날라갑니다.
유도탄은 좀 약간 적기를 맞출때 사용하면 좋은데, 유도탄이기때문에 적기를 따라가서 격추시킵니다.

미사일과 유도탄은 Weapon Shop에서 업그레이드 할 수 있습니다. 배경에 나오는 바위나 산모양의 장애물들은 피해야 합니다.

적기에게 맞거나 장애물에 부딪히면 에너지가 떨어지고 결국에는 추락하게 됩니다. 적기를 격추할때마다 떨어지는 아이템은 자동으로 수집이 되니, 괜히 아이템 먹으러 돌아다닐 필요는 없습니다. 아이템 중에는 미사일과 유도탄 장전하는 것과 치료제등 꼭 필요한 것들이 많으니, 가능한한 많은 적기를 격추시키세요.

#2 Aero Wings만의 재미
Aero Wings를 처음 플레이해보고 느낀 소감은 기관총 쏘는 손맛이 좋다는 점입니다. 적기는 콩알 만한 느린 총알을 쏘지만, 매우 적중률이 높아서 잘 피해야 합니다.

그래픽이 귀여운 스타일인데, Aero Wings의 기관총은 속도도 빠르게 나가고 소리도 박진감 넘칩니다.

위급한 상황에선 미사일과 유도탄을 사용할 수 있는 재미도 좋구요.

50개의 레벨이 존재하니 끝까지 깨려면 시간이 꽤 걸리겠죠? ^^

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    Such results make you appreciate the trust Popovich places in Chip Engelland, now in his eighth season as the Spurs’ shooting coach.

    You see the dread in Dwight Howard’s eyes every time he steps to the foul line, and if you are a Lakers fan, you hold your breath or avert your eyes when he is there.

    But Howard is the most prominent foul line head case in the league because it is a weakness that can be exploited so easily that it affects the way the Lakers approach crunch time.

    It doesn’t take a genius to spot the flaws in any player’s free throw stroke. Engelland’s special knack appears to be getting each Spur to believe in his fixes and trust they will work.

    Part of the reason Tim Duncan’s scoring average, 18.5 points per game, is up from last season’s 15.4 can be attributed to his making 53 of 71 free throws, 74.6 percent, Sonny Jurgensen Jersey. It is his highest percentage since making a career best 79.9 percent in 2001-02, one of his two MVP seasons. It is a significant jump from 69.5 percent, which is what he shot at the line last season.

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    While Howard has regressed at the line the last two seasons, his percentage slipping from 59.6 in 2010-11 to 49.1 percent last season and 49.3 thus far this season, consider the improvement at the foul line this season by three of the Spurs’ big men.

    Duncan’s improvement is mostly self-wrought, but Blair and Splitter have re-made their free throw strokes to Engelland’s specifications, and the results thus far are amazing.

    Then there is DeJuan Blair. A 60.2 percent free thrower through his first three seasons, he has made 13 of 14 this season, the best percentage on a team whose foul shooting is up from 74.8 percent last season to 77.5 percent.
    Twitter: @Monroe_SA

    Howard isn’t the worst foul shooter in the league thus far this season. He isn’t even the worst in L.A. That distinction goes to former Texas A&M player DeAndre Jordan, who went into the Clippers’ Saturday night game in Atlanta having made only 17 of 35, 48.6 percent.

    Column by Mike Monroe

    The proof is in the percentages.

    Thirteen games is a small sample, but enough to believe the improvement can change the outcome of two or three close games over the 82-game season.

    Fear is the real problem for any bad free throw shooter. Then when you consider the NBA’s most dominant big man is in his second straight season of missing more free throws than he has made — 67 of 136 going into the Lakers’ Saturday night game in Dallas — you wonder how he managed to make 15 of 19 in the second game of the season, at Portland on Oct. 31.

    Some of the secret seems to be the pre-shot confidence Engelland’s work engenders and which Howard clearly lacks.

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    Would you trade the Boys star player to rebuild the trenches? If so, who would you trade?


    Seems like Spencer is having a great year 1) Would you make him a re-sign priority this off-season 2) Would you have expected more production out of D-Ware at this point because of Spencer's performance?

    Gosselin: The star players -- Romo, Witten and Ware -- are all in their 30s. The trade market deflates with age. The two best commodities the Cowboys have are inside linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter -- but in most defenses those are two-down players. When extra cornerbacks come onto the field, it's the middle and inside linebackers that usually leave. Austin's value has deflated. Dez is an off-the-field risk. Claiborne would have value in a trade -- but you've already given away a second-round choice for the right to select him. I'm not sure who's left on the roster that would attract a team enough to trade a top blocker or pass rusher.

    Gosselin: There's a strong case for resigning Spencer. The 3-4 is a linebacker driven defense and a foursome of Spencer, Lee, Carter and Ware would rank among the best in the league. Also, Spencer will be 29 next season. You want to sign players in their 20s, not 30s, to make sure you're getting your money's worth. I've said all along the Cowboys need another pass rusher to take some of the heat off Ware. He's the only guy offenses fear in the pass rush, so he's the guy who's going to get the double- and triple-teams.

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    I brushed upon it earlier in the week, and I'll say it again. This is a must win game, no doubt about it. Sure, the Broncos can still make the playoffs if they lose, and can still win their division. But if this is a Super Bowl team, and Jake Plummer is the quarterback that can get them there, then this is the type of a game they have to win. That said, here are some keys to victory for the Broncos.

    Darrent Williams Must Rebound -- Williams had the worst game of his career last week, but all of it wasn;t his fault. The Broncos were forced to put him on and island, and the scheme the Broncos play allows way too much space for receivers to get into their routes. I still think if the Broncos woould allow their DBs to jam receiver they would be more effective. Regardless of all that, the Steelers don't have the talent at wideout that Colts have, and they definitly don't have Peyton Manning. With Champ Bailey shadowing Hines Ward all day, Williams will have to win the battle with whoever the Steelers line up on his side, be it Cedric Wilson or Santonio Holmes.

    D-Line Must Own Line Of Scrimmage -- The Steelers have struggled this year mostly because they have yet to have success in their running game. Willie Parker is having a decent year, but the Steelers have not been able to dominate the game on the ground. That has forced Ben Roethlisberger to take the game in his hands, and 11 interceptions shows that isn't a good idea. The Steelers are going to try and get the ground game going, and the Broncos D-Line are going to have to force the Steelers into 2nd and 3rd and Long. Force Ben to beat us.

    Weather The Storm -- Throw the record out the window. The Steelers are a better football tema than 2-5 would lead us to believe. Just ask the Chiefs, who fell down huge...early. The Broncos cannot allow the crowd to have an effect early. The Steelers defense is still formidable and they feed off the fans in the stands. Avoid an early turnover, and get into a football game and I think the Broncos have the advantage. Give the Steelers an early opportunity to score and it could snowball down the wrong path.

    Get the Running Game Going -- The Broncos offense had some success last weekend, and much of it was a direct result of the running game. The Broncos rushed for well over 200 yards and Mike Bell was a big reason. With Tatum Bell nursing injuries to both feet, Mike Bell will tote the rock a majority of the time this week and his hard running style will be key to the success of the Broncos Offense. The Steelers are going to key on bootlegs and misdirection so the Broncos are going to have to have positive plays with the running game.

    Get Some Turnovers; A Defensive or Special Teams TD Would Be Nice -- Last week not withstanding, the Broncos defense has played great, but we still are in the minus in turnover ratio, and the defense or special teams has yet to score. In a game like this a TD from one of the other twi facets of the game would be a huge lift. Oakland scored two TD's on defense last week against Pittsburgh, Doug Williams Jersey, including a 100 yard interception return. Pittsburgh cover teams have also been a near the bottom of the league, so today would be a good time for Brian Clark to make a name in the return game.

    My Take -- This game is going to be hard hitting, intense, and electric from the coin flip on. The Steelers are playing for their post-season lives. If they are going to make a run at defending their title it has to start now. The Broncos are out to prove that last week was a bump in the road, and not a tru indication of where they are as a team. I think it was. I am not big on the revenge factor in football, but there is no doubt that the Broncos are thinking that they could be the team that effectively turns the lights out on the Steelers' season. An extra bit of motivation never hurts. The Broncos will be able to stop the Steelers running game, and make just enough plays on offense to get a huge road win.


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  13. Make no mistake Aaron Rodgers Orange Impact Jersey, Buffalo had the Patriots in mind when making personnel decisions. New England has owned the division for most of the past dozen years London Fletcher Two Tone Jersey. Pressure Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was partly the reason Buffalo paid $100 million to Williams and also signed Anderson in free agency.


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