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    I’ll update this in a week when the final rosters are here, but here are the confirmed attendees so far, . I added in CBS’ prospect rankings (I picked CBS because they go deeper than anyone else). Note that there are still plenty more players to be added. The , although I suspect there will be more potential 1st round picks to participate in the Senior Bowl. That would include guys like Quinton Coples (UNC), Malcolm Floyd (Notre Dame), Alfonso Dennard (Nebraska), Courtney Upshaw (Alabama), Janoris Jenkins (North Alabama), Zach Brown (UNC), Jared Crick (Nebraska), Mark Barron (Alabama), and Lavonte David (Nebraska).

    The Senior Bowl should be of extra interest to Redskins fans this year, as the Shannies will be coaching one of the teams.

    PlayerPosHTWTCollegeCBS RankPos rankProj roundDevon StillDT6-5305Penn St.811Melvin IngramOLB6-2276South Carolina1411Kendall WrightWR5-10190Baylor1531Cordy GlennOG6-5348Georgia2321-2Billy WinnDE6-4295Boise St.3541-2Bobby WagnerOLB6-1232Utah St.4752Nick FolesQB6-5240Arizona5042Mike AdamsOT6-8320Ohio St.5252Nick ToonWR6-3220Wisconsin5972Ben JonesC6-3316Georgia6322-3Brandon BoykinCB5-10183Georgia7292-3Antonio AllenS6-2202South Carolina7422-3Doug MartinRB5-9215Boise St.8162-3Brandon WeedenQB6-4218Oklahoma St.8263Brandon MosleyOT6-6310Auburn8383Kevin ZeitlerOG6-4315Wisconsin8753Matt McCantsOT6-7295UAB10093Cyrus GrayRB5-10200Texas A&M10193Mike BrewsterC6-5315Ohio St, http://www.redskinsjerseyfanshop.com/ryan-kerrigan-jersey-c-139.html Ryan Kerrigan Red Jersey.10433-4Dan HerronRB5-10205Ohio St.117113-4George IlokaS6-3216Boise St.12143-4DeVier PoseyWR6-2210Ohio St.123143-4Ryan LindleyQB6-4230San Diego St.12484Casey HeywardCB5-11188Vanderbilt128174Vick BallardRB5-11220Mississippi St.140134Marvin McNuttWR6-4215Iowa149184-5Joe AdamsWR5-11190Arkansas158194-5Jeff FullerWR6-4220Texas A&M160204-5Terrance GanowayRB6-0240Baylor164165Jake BequetteDE6-5271Arkansas170135Philip BlakeC6-3320Baylor17165Russell WilsonQB5-11210Wisconsin185105-6D’Anton LynnCB6-1210Penn St.196265-6Mike DanielsDT6-0280Iowa198205-6Chris RaineyRB5-9174Florida202206Jack CrawfordDE6-5265Penn St.205166Jaye HowardDT6-3303Florida213216Kellen MooreQB6-0191Boise St.218126-7Drew ButlerP6-2214Georgia21916-7Deangelo PetersonTE6-4235LSU242127Brandon TaylerS6-0194LSU296127-FARandy BullockK5-9212Texas A&M3295FABrad NortmanP6-3210Wisconsin3305FABradie EwingFB6-0245Wisconsin35210FAWill BlackwellOG6-4290LSU39321FAJosh HarrisLS6-1224Auburn4051FAJohnnie TroutmanOG6-4323Penn St.41622FAKyle WojtaLS6-2230Wisconsin6032FA
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    Nelson, Woodson and Matthews—all of whom the Packers will need to make a Super Bowl run—are expected to be back in the mix soon, maybe even against Chicago.

    But with the Packers on the verge of repeating as NFC North champions, that may be a good thing.

    Even with James Starks joining Benson on the shelf, the Packers were able to grind out 140 rushing yards behind their latest committee (Alex Green, DuJuan Harris and Ryan Grant). Though Rodgers didn’t have his usual passing production, he used his legs for a key 27-yard TD run.

    The Green Bay Packers, who improved to 9-4 after their 27-20 victory over the Detroit Lions on Sunday night at snowy Lambeau Field, are a much different team than the 15-1 offensive juggernaut of a season ago.

    Quarterback Aaron Rodgers has worked around injuries that have affected three parts of the offense. The pass protection hasn't been as sound with makeshift tackles, http://www.broncosjerseyfanshop.com/britton-colquitt-jersey-c-102.html Britton Colquitt Jersey. The receiving corps hasn’t had the same pop, as top wideouts Jordy Nelson and Greg Jennings have taken turns missing time. And until Sunday night, the running game had provided only limited support after the loss of Cedric Benson.

    The fact, however, that the Packers can win a game when Rodgers completes only 14 passes for 173 yards and no passing touchdowns—like he did against Detroit—is a good sign.

    The Packers have won seven of eight games, and in the past two weeks have gained two games on the Chicago Bears. The Packers had once been eyeing their Week 15 game at Soldier Field as an opportunity to overtake the Bears (8-5). Now, it's a chance to put away the division.

    That should make the Packers only stronger when they are closer to full strength—and more prepared for a possible playoff run.

    Call this year's edition the patchwork Packers. The style points from 2011 have been replaced with survival mode in '12. They have had no choice, given their adversity.

    Just like the wild-card Packers of two years ago, the 2012 team is finding out just how deeply talented it is in the face of injuries.

    On defense, the Packers have had to endure without their two biggest stars, Clay Matthews and Charles Woodson. They are doing their best to bend without breaking and are compensating for their personnel losses with game-changing takeaways—such as rookie lineman Mike Daniels' 43-yard fumble return for a TD after the Lions had built a 14-3 lead.

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    Alright, since nobody else in the study group decided to step up, I'll do it. If you have questions or concerns, please, wait until I am finished. My train of thought is often broken by interruptions, loud noises and ....... awww look at the butterfly....

    I've done some calculations and... I have no idea. 158.3 is an arbitrary number that doesn't really hold any significance. The basic formula for QB Rating, as shown earlier, divides by a constant (0.06). Why? Beats me...

    This is the equation for the infamous "quarterback rating". It's a mystery, right? Well, it may seem that way, at the moment, but we're going to figure this thing out. Knowledge is not given, it is earned, doggonit.

    Since, we've been a study group for 2 or 3 minutes, and we're all basically best friends, I'm going to tell you a secret. We are friends, right? ... Right?....Maybe?... Your silence worries me, but I'll still tell you.

    Well, enough fooling around. Let's get down to it and finish this, so we can go outside and play some flag football or something...

    Fortunately, Brian Shrout has a great idea that you can find in the comments. For the sake of argument, let's talk about making QB Rating into a 100 point scale.

    Well, that's all, for now. There's more to the QB Rating statistic than was covered in this post, but we'll take a break so we can all have a moment to digest this information. I hope that our little group study session was beneficial.

    See what I mean?

    Don't you dare worry, MHR. Wipe those blank stares off your faces. You in the back! Stop crying. I am here to help. We're going to get through this together. Think of it like a group study session. The teacher gave us a problem and it is our duty to figure out what it all means.

    I present to you.... the 100 point scale QB Rating Equation. It's actually not that different from the original QB Rating equation. Instead of dividing by the constant, 0.06, let's divide by 0.095, instead....

    Any completion percentage greater than 77.5% will result in a perfect subunit score.
    Throwing more than 12.5 Yards per Attempt will result in a perfect subunit score.
    Throwing a TD pass more than once for every 8.42 passes will result in a perfect subunit score.
    (That comes from 1 divided by 0.11875) See below for proof.
    You must be have a perfect score in every subunit to receive a perfect QB Rating.

    The truth is, when I first saw this equation, I thought, "Yikes, I might hurl...", but once you get over the feeling of awe, stop cursing quietly to yourself and finally get rid of the vomit stains on your shirt, it's not so bad. Essentially, we are looking at one big equation that can be broken down into 4 subunits, whichwe I have done, already.

    It's pretty darn close to a perfect 158.3, but it is not close enough...

    And here is what QB Rating looks like, when converted to a 100 point scale.

    We have all seen the mystical 158.3 QB Rating score and have been told that it's perfect. What makes that so?

    Another interesting note about interceptions... It doesn't matter if every other subunit is maxed out at 2.375, if you throw 1 interception, it is numerically impossible to have a perfect QB Rating. Don't believe me? I wrote a quick excel program and put in the following stats.

    To begin, let's look at the limits that were shown. The equation says that each variable (a, b, c, and d) must be between 0 and 2.375. For now, we'll just focus on the upper limit, to determine what it takes to get a perfect QB Rating. Did the stat makers just pull a number out of the sky? Where did 2.375 come from? Well, to find out the answer to that, let's see what happens if we set a, b, http://www.redskinsjerseyfanshop.com/ Robert Griffin III Womens Jersey, c, and d equal to 2.375.

    Why is 158.3 a perfect score?

    Note: I'm using a wicked awesome mathematics program (Maple 13) to save time, make more use of my page space, and ensure that I won't make any errors in my calculations. So, if you're wondering where my steps are.... well, they're in my computer somewhere.

    Now, before you start to have a nervous breakdown because there are letters and numbers jumbled together, rest assured that this isn't an algebra exam. There won't be a quiz, at the end, (just a simple multiple choice in a poll) and you won't have to retake this class in summer school with Jamarcus Russell and Al Davis.

    Limits, We Don't Need No Stinkin' Limits

    Here are a few other things I deduced from the subunit calculations:

    What jumps out right away is "Interceptions = 0". What does that mean? As far as I can tell, the "interceptions per attempt" is the limiting factor of this entire equation. Obviously, you cannot throw fewer than 0 interceptions. If you know of a way to throw a negative interception, call Jay Cutler, immediately. He'll pay you substantially for your knowledge, I'm sure.

    What is QB Rating?

    Here we have a perfect score. The upper limit, 2.375, is what it takes to get a perfect score. Now that we know the significance of 2.375, let's take a more detailed look at what it takes to get a 2.375 in each subunit. Maybe we can even figure out how the equation maker arrived at the number, in the first place. Let's find out, shall we? I'll go ahead and input 2.375 for each variable (a, b, c, and d) and we'll see what we see...

    What makes the interception subunit (D) different than the other subunits? You'll notice that in the D subunit, the equation begins with a "0.095 minus...That is because a high QB rating is inversely proportional to the number of interceptions thrown. In other words, the more picks you throw, the lower your QB Rating is.

    With that said, are there any volunteers to start the session?....

    In a nutshell, QB Rating attempts to quantify a quarterback's production.It takes four different ratios into account (completion percentage, touchdowns per attempt, interceptions per attempt, and yards per attempt). That's all swell, but the tricky part comes when you try to equalize the affects of each ratio. How do you make 2 interceptions as important, statistically, as having 500 yards passing? Hopefully, we can figure that out, in this article. Figuring out the relationship between the four ratios is going to be the key to understanding the logic behind the QB rating equation.

    As you probably noticed, I didn't put up the full QB Equation, at the top, in one big piece. It's much easier to take small bites than to shove the whole equation in your mouth. You might choke.

    I declare the group study session adjourned. My mom is outside in her car and I don't want to keep her waiting....

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